All About Lucie De Ley

My first encounters with music came from my older sister whose eclectic musical world encompassed the Beatles, Debussy, and Ella Fitzgerald. Growing up in a household without a TV, we would entertain ourselves by listening to and playing music. However, at the time, I was encouraged to pursue learning foreign languages instead of music.

And so I packed my bags and moved to Brussels to study translation. While I enjoyed my studies and got my degree, something was missing. Encounters with Russian pianists Vladimir Viardo and later on Sergei Leschenko put me on back on a musical path, one that led me through the Ghent Conservatory, late night jam sessions, various musical teaching experiences, and gigs in small cafes to French caravans and prestigious jazz venues.

My music seeks to break down the boundaries between classical music and contemporary or popular styles (the Beatles, jazz, or French chanson). Some of my past projects have included re-imaginings of Beatles songs (LINK) and an EP entitled “The Song is Mine” (LINK) with my trio (LINK). A common thread that has emerged from my music so far is a desire to share my sentimental stories with the world. My current project does precisely this - an album of songs inspired by past romances - both real and imagined - called “The Men I Love”.